Training for in-person NeurOptimal® Certification

Optimize healthy brain connections with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

Join the in-person certification class and discover the true potential of your NeurOptimal® system. 

  • Gain business knowledge, confidence, expertise and practical experience in how it works
  • The course is run over two days from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm (approximately); It requires passing a quiz upon completion in order to receive your certificate
  • This course will give you the confidence to understand how NeurOptimal® works and if you are interested, information about how to set up your own NeurOptimal® business
  • The fee for the complete two day course is $660 US Dollars (plus HST). 
  • Your Facilitator is Canadian Representative and Advanced Certified Trainer, Jan Yordy
  • Registration is required to attend the course

Who could gain certification?

This course is open to any individual who is interested in learning more about NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback whether or not you own your own system.

Wellness Practitioners

Already have a wellness practice and want to learn how to incorporate NeurOptimal® into your practice?  Come take this in-depth training so can learn about the benefits of NeurOptimal® to improve the lives of your clients.

Professionals New to NeurOptimal®

Curious to find out more about the neurofeedback field before you purchase?  This course is packed with helpful information to enable you make an educated decision.

Focused on Health & Wellbeing

NeurOptimal® has a proven track record in helping you learn how to cope with stress and energetic patterns which drain you.  Learn how this system helps train your brain/body to work in positive and supportive ways. This is an investment which could support your whole family!

Peak Performance Seekers

Are you an athletic performer who wants to up your game?  Maybe you are a business professional in a competitive work environment.  Come and learn how NeurOptimal® is designed to support you to function at your best with this advanced Nonlinear Dynamical Neurofeedback™.

What will you learn?

  • Module 1: The Philosophy & Theory of NeurOptimal®
  • Module 2: The Foundation of NeurOptimal®
  • Module 3: The History of NeurOptimal®
  • Module 4: How NeurOptimal® Works
  • Module 5: The Technicalities of the System
  • Module 6: Running a NeurOptimal® Session
  • Module 7: The Role of the Trainer
  • Module 8: Progress Tracking Tools
  • Module 9: The Technical Side & Creating a NeurOptimal® Business
  • Module 10: Building a NeurOptimal® Business
  • Module 11: The PASS Community

Upcoming in-person training dates:

  • March 25, & 26, 2023
  • June 24th & 25th, 2023
  • September 16th & 17th, 2023
  • November 18th & 19th, 2023

Remember to register for the training sessions by contacting Jan Yordy!


“The basic training certification for NeurOptimal® helped me to really understand the philosophy, theory, history, and basics behind the NeurOptimal® training process in optimizing the brain’s resiliency and flexibility.  I feel much more confident moving forward and delivering these services to clients.  Thank you to Jan for delivering a very educational and effective training course!”

– Rachel (NeurOptimal® basic training)

“I am so grateful to have taken the certification course with Jan, as the instructor, who is extremely passionate about training the brain. She freely shared her many years of experiences in using NeurOptimal®.
It was wonderful to tap into all her knowledge.  I definitely recommend taking the certification with Jan.”

– B. L. M (Southwestern Ontario)

Contact Jan Yordy

To get in contact with Jan Yordy, please either fill out the contact form with all required information, or call the number listed below or email directly.