NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is gentle, safe, non-invasive
brain training to release disruptive and persistent patterns that
hold you back from being your best self.

Who Benefits from NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback?

  • Individuals & couples
  • Children & teens
  • Parents & families
  • The elderly
  • Anyone who is stressed & nervous
  • Business professionals
  • Athletes & artistic performers
  • Trauma survivors
  • First responders & military personnel
  • People interested in optimizing wellness

What can we expect when we start?

Before beginning your first session, an hour intake appointment is needed to collect background information, answer questions and to discuss goals and expectations for yourself and/or your child. If there is time, a short demo is also offered. This should be booked as an intake appointment so that other NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback appointments are not scheduled at the same time. (I can conduct two NeurOptimal® sessions at a time which is especially handy for families)

Hooking you up:

Sitting in a comfortable chair, two small sensors are attached to each side of your head with a water-soluble conductive paste. These sensors will pick up the weak electrical activity of your brain, amplify it and send it into the computer. Three more sensors are clipped onto your ears – two on the right ear and one on the left ear. These sensors are needed to detect your electrical signals from the energy frequencies present in the room (Wi-Fi, cell phone signals, computers, etc.). The sensor on the bottom of the right ear is to ground the energy. No electrical current is ever sent into the brain.

As you settle back comfortably into the recliner, options will be given as to what you may want to do in your session while you listen to music. Some people like to relax or take a nap, meditate, or read. We also have a choice of musical selections or several relaxation videos for you to watch. For children we offer playing a quiet game, drawing, listening to stories or watching a video while they sit calmly in a chair.

Starting the session:

During the 33 minute neurofeedback session you will either be wearing earbuds or just listening to the music play in the room. Watching the dancing fractals on a nearby monitor is optional.  You may notice pauses or interruptions in the music which is important feedback for your brain. These auditory breaks are informing your brain what it is doing in real time so your subconscious can choose its response. Moment to moment your brain is resetting which helps it stay coherent, flexible and resilient.

What happens in a session?

Just like looking in a mirror can cause you to change your posture or fix your hair, the NeurOptimal® system mirrors back what your brain is doing in real time so your subconscious can make adjustments to how it is functioning. When you relax and just focus on taking some calm, deep breaths, your nervous system begins to let go of stress and moves into deeper states of relaxation. There is no need to try to control anything since the mind is getting an education but not at the conscious level.

How will I know it is working?

The changes may be very subtle at first, but you may notice:

  • Feeling calmer or tired at the end of a session
  • Your sleep is improved – deeper or you may fall asleep quicker
  • General sense of well being but not sure why
  • Heightened sense of focus or mental clarity
  • Less reactive or stressed

What does it cost?

  • Initial consultation (may include 15 minute demo) is $100 including HST
  • Single neurofedback session is $90 including HST
  • A package of 10 sessions is $700 including HST

Make NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Your
Gateway to Personal Transformation!

Since I started using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback I noticed I am not as stressed.  I am coping better in my life and I have grown more resourceful and independent.  I am also better able to share my feelings.  NeurOptimal® is an outstanding way to learn how to not worry so much.  It has also helped me to break out of my shell and to enjoy new experiences.

-R.S. Waterloo Region, Ontario, 14 yr. old male

Our 17 yr. old son has struggled with normal teenage angst.  We wondered if the root of his stress may have been partly due to poor sleep patterns.  As a child he did not sleep through the night until he was 7 yrs. old and then only sporadically.  After the first session he slept through 6 out of 7 nights and then returned for a second session.  Since then he has almost exclusively slept thought the night.  He completed 8 sessions and now is driving his own scheduling, returning if he feels it is needed.  He is finding life much less stressful.  Sleep is amazing!

-A.B. Waterloo Region, Ontario, mother of 17 yr. old

I am so grateful for the many benefits I’ve received from using NeurOptimal®.  Effects from PTSD like intrusive thoughts, social anxiety and being quick to startle are greatly diminished.  My ability to plan ahead and remember important details has improved significantly.  I am even more motivated and disciplined in my guitar playing.

-B.B. Waterloo Region, Ontario, 59 yr. old female

The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an amazing discovery.  A person can now have their brain working with them rather than against them.  I am so very thankful to have found this alternative brain training for our son.

-L.L Waterloo Region, Ontario, mother of 12 yr. old boy

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