About Jan Yordy

Jan started her career as an elementary teacher in Indiana in 1973 and received a master’s degree in education in 1977.  Moving to Ontario, Canada and starting a family in 1979 was a big transition in her life.  Later Jan decided to pursue a Master of Social Work degree graduating in 1994.  Specializing in working with children she was able to start private practice counselling in 1996 which she continued for over twenty- five years.  Jan’s interest in the brain and how to change it was reflected by her becoming a Brain Gym Instructor, and receiving certifications in Play Therapy, Energy Psychology and EMDR.  Her interest in helping children and the people who support them led to her creating educational games and resources and in publishing two children’s books (www.energyconnectiontherapies.com). Jan third book will be available in June, 2022 It is called, Be the Boss of Your Energy, An Introduction to the World of Energy.

In 2004 along with two partners Jan helped to create the Integrated Center for Optimal Learning (ICOL) where they supported children and teens with learning differences.  Jan’s contribution to the center was the emotional counselling she did with children and teens.  It was in 2005 that Jan first discovered NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback and quickly realized that it could be a core piece of how they were transforming brains at ICOL.  By 2006 ICOL was busy offering NeurOptimal®sessions where they witnessed incredible shifts and miracles as the children and teens trained their brains using NeurOptimal® as part of their learning program.

Jan was part of ICOL for nine years before she left to set up her own center to do counselling and an active neurofeedback program.  After over twenty five years as a therapist she recently retired from counselling so she could devote more time to her neurofeedback business.  Over the years Jan learned much about incorporating neurofeedback into her work with trauma clients to regulate their nervous system which supported and enhanced their progress.   

After over fourteen years working with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, Jan is a certified advanced NeurOptimal® trainer as well as a NeurOptimal® Representative.  Jan also recently completed NeurOptimal® Facilitation training and is providing two days, in person certification training for new or potential new owners of NeurOptimal® systems.  She would be happy to answer your neurofeedback questions or support you in getting started with NeurOptimal® sessions, renting, or purchasing a system and acquiring certification training.  

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